POS Vendors

  • As a TPS, How do I update the TPS Merchant Certification contact email address?

    A TPS may update the contact email address for a certification in any status without changing other information on the form. To do so, please follow these steps.

    1. Log in to the Members Area
    2. Select the “Certification Forms link” on the right hand side of the page; a new window will open.
    3. Click on the “TPS Self Assessment” Tab
    4. Click on the “Online Form” link next to the certification you wish to update
    5. Scroll down to the “TPS Contact Email”, make the appropriate change and click the “Save Email” button.

    All new TPS Merchant approval requests will be routed to the new email address.

  • How can a TPS update an approved Certification that has approved merchants?

    TPS’s that wish to update a certification that has approved merchants should contact SIGIS at help@sig-is.org.  The TPS will be asked to complete the “TPS Change Questionnaire” document.  Upon review, the TPS will instructed on required steps.  In some cases a simplified process may be available so as to not impact the approved merchants. Each situation will be evaluated based on the info provided in the TPS Change Questionnaire document.

  • How does a POS Vendor seek certification?

    To become IIAS certified, a POS vendor completes a similar IIAS certification process as merchants. This requires completion of a TPS Self-Assessment Certification Form, a technical testing certification by the TPS’s acquirer, use of the SIGIS Eligible Product List, and arrangements to support transaction data retention/retrieval. A TPS's acquirer will review the TPS Self-Assessment Certification Form and submit it to SIGIS for approval. A TPS will not be permitted to claim that it supports IIAS transactions using the SIGIS standard until it has been certified to the IIAS standards developed and approved by SIGIS. 

    For step by step instruction on how to complete the TPS Self Assessment please click Completing the TPS Self-Assessment form.