Governance Documents & Publications

There are a number of SIGIS publications that may be of interest to review.

SIGIS Backgrounder

This publication provides information about the SIGIS corporate background and history.

PDF | 76KB

SIGIS Fact Sheet

This publication provides an overview of key information relating to SIGIS and its services.

PDF | 138KB

Eligible Product List: Eligibility Criteria

This publication describes the criteria specified by the Internal Revenue Service for eligible and ineligible over-the-counter health care items; a list of product categories is also included.

PDF | 235KB

Eligible Product List: Private Label Eligibility Criteria

This publication describes the eligibility criteria that IIAS merchants may apply to private label items.

PDF | 12KB

Eligible Product List: Missing Product Form

This spreadsheet can be used to submit items for review to the Eligible Products List Committee.  You must be a SIGIS member with the form being submitted online.


Membership Documents

The suite of documents pertaining to SIGIS membership and the SIGIS governance documents. Upon selection, please scroll down to the bottom of the Join page.


Merchants: IIAS Merchant List

A list of the merchants that support inventory information approval systems (IIAS) requirements specified by the Internal Revenue Service for FSA and HRA cards.

PDF | 1.8MB

Merchants: 90% Rule Merchant List

A list of drug stores and pharmacies that are registered with SIGIS as meeting the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service 90% Rule.

PDF | 310KB

Most Frequent Reasons for Card Declines

This publication highlights the most likely reasons that a FSA or HRA card may be declined.

PDF | 35KB