SIGIS Member Integrated Payment Providers

This list is Integrated Payment Providers (IPPs) that have implemented SIGIS IIAS Standards. IPPs are entities to which merchants outsource a significant portion of their IIAS processes, including eligible product identification, payment integration and receipt management for online merchant clients.

If you are a merchant client of a IPP listed below, please contact your IPP to determine to discuss setup and certification options.

Business Name/Address/ContactDescription of Services
Binkey, Inc.

712 H St. NE, Suite 1382

Washington, DC 20002

Contact Name:

Contact Phone: 202-875-8322

Contact Email:


The Pay with FSA | HSA solution by Binkey is a fully IIAS-compliant POS system that authenticates and processes FSA/HSA/HRA cards for online merchants, retailers, and e-commerce platforms. Binkey’s POS application is designed specifically for online businesses. Binkey’s POS application features auto-identification of eligible products, bank-level encryption technology, payment processing, receipt support, and extensive reporting capabilities. Binkey offers an easy and seamless integration to your online infrastructure; enabling your business to accept FSA/HSA payments at checkout and helping your customers save by using pre-tax dollars. To learn more, please visit today!
Sika Health Inc.

2196 Third Ave, Unit 10039

New York, NY 10035

Contact Name: Ami Kumordzie MD/MBA

Contact Phone: 203-674-9135

Contact Email:


Sika Health offers a full-service payment facilitation platform that enables e-commerce merchants to accept FSA, HSA, and HRA funds in accordance with IIAS. Our embedded payment method is tailored for on-line merchants, e-commerce platforms, and marketplaces. We integrate into existing inventory and commerce platforms to ingest product catalog, maintain product eligibility, seamlessly process payments, and manage post-purchase receipts and audit logs. Key offerings include: Merchant certification for first-time and renewals, Item-level qualification and eligibility management, PCI-compliant payment processing, Split-tender transactions with partial authorization, Secure itemized receipt logging, Reporting and analytics for IRS audit. Visit today.