Eligible Product List Updates

Eligible Product List Submissions

Occasionally, merchants, TPSs, or plan administrators believe that an eligible product is missing from the SIGIS Eligible Product List. Members can use this form to submit a product(s) to the SIGIS Eligible Product List Committee, following the steps below:

Step 1: Access and review the SIGIS Eligible Product List Criteria publication for what is an eligible item as defined by the IRS. Do not make assumptions about what products might seem obvious or logical to be eligible – these could be dual-purpose products which the IRS has said are not eligible without a doctor’s order. The consumer may be able to submit a manual reimbursement request for these items by submitting a copy of their doctor’s order, but the items are not eligible for inclusion in a merchant IIAS.

Step 2: Download the Missing Product Form and complete all the required information. Submit the completed form in our Members Area to be included in next month's review cycle. If the Form is not completed in full, it will be returned as incomplete, thus, slowing consideration of the product by the Eligible Product List Committee.

Eligible Product List Downloads

One of the critical issues in supporting an IIAS solution for employer benefit plans and the third-party plan administrators (TPAs) that support these programs, is assurance that the items being approved through an IIAS solution meet the health care eligibility standards established by the IRS as defined in IRS Code Section 213(d) rules. SIGIS provides a standardized list of eligible health care-related items. While the IRS does not mandate the use of the SIGIS list, merchants supporting a SIGIS IIAS solution must use the SIGIS Eligible Product List for nationally-branded items. In addition, merchants may also flag private label and local market items as defined in the SIGIS Private Label Eligibility Criteria standards.

The Eligible Product List should be downloaded on a monthly basis for those merchants that support the IIAS standard.  SIGIS offers a manual download option as well as an automated SFTP option. In some cases, the POS vendor may assist with loading the monthly updates to the merchants POS system. The Eligible Product List can be accessed in the SIGIS Members Area.

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