Card Networks offer important services to Acquirers and their merchant clients by their participation in SIGIS. Any network that uses the SIGIS Technical Specification to authorize IIAS transactions is required to be a SIGIS member. Additionally, networks play an integral role in the authorization of FSA/HRA debit card transactions and ensuring they meet the IIAS requirements.

Membership in SIGIS offers networks access to the following programs:

  • IIAS Network Certification – SIGIS has established the procedures which enable networks to certify that they meet the requirements to support IIAS and 90pct transactions per the SIGIS standard.
  • SIGIS IIAS Transaction Processing and Data Retention Technical Specification – the SIGIS Specification outlines the requirements needed for merchants, acquirers, processors, networks, card issuers and plan administrators to support an IIAS.
  • 90% Rule Program – offering FSA/HRA cardholders the opportunity to use their cards at registered 90% Rule merchants is a great way to increase the convenience and usability of an FSA/HRA card program. It is noted that transactions at 90% Rule stores are not auto-substantiated and plan administrators will need to follow their policies for substantiation of such purchases, most likely asking cardholders to forward their sales receipts. Visit the 90% Rule Merchant Attestation for more information.
  • Education – Receive SIGIS communications on important issues that impact regulations, card usage and approvals. Help Desk – Ability to contact the SIGIS Help Desk as an educational resource for card acceptance issues.