Eligible Products

The IRS determines what health care services and products are eligible for card holders to purchase with an FSA or HRA card. To help all SIGIS participants, SIGIS determines whether a product qualifies or does not qualify as a medical expense under IRS Code Section 213(d) and applicable IRS guidance.

Card holders may access and download a document that describes the criteria for an eligible product. This document explains health care items that are considered eligible or ineligible for purchases by FSA and HRA card holders. Health care items that are not eligible for purchase include both those that are dual-purpose or ineligible:

  • Eligible Items. Over-the-counter products that treat a specific medical condition and are primarily for a medical purpose. They include medicines or products that diagnose, alleviate or treat existing or imminent injuries, illnesses or medical conditions. These drugs and products are not cosmetic in nature, or merely beneficial to general health or used for personal hygiene. As a general rule, most of these products are of short-term use, but some do treat chronic medical conditions.
  • Dual-Purpose Items. These products may have both a medical purpose and a personal hygiene, cosmetic or general health purpose. In order to be considered eligible, they must be used to treat a medical condition and not used to improve or maintain general health unless prescribed by a physician to treat a specific illness, condition or injury. These products may be eligible for reimbursement, but require a letter of medical necessity from a licensed health care professional stating the specific diagnosis or medical condition, the specific over-the-counter medicine recommendation to treat the condition, and documentation of the product and cost. Dual-purpose items will not be included in the SIGIS List, but may be submitted to a plan administrator with the required documentation as noted above. Card holders should contact their plan administrator for more information and the documentation required.
  • Ineligible Items. Products that are used for general health, cosmetic, or personal hygiene purposes are not reimbursable. Typically, these are not referred to as medicines or drugs and are not recognized to treat a medical condition. Medical expenses that are not reimbursable under IRS Code Section 213(d) of the federal tax code are ineligible. These include food supplements, toiletries, lotions and soaps, shampoos, and most herbal supplements. These items are also not on the SIGIS List.

Click here for the Eligible Product List Criteria publication.