Executive Director

Jeff Beadle

Jeff joined SIGIS in the summer of 2009 as the Executive Director. Jeff has day to day responsibility for the operations of SIGIS overseeing SIGIS programs, member services, education, finance, information technology and other support vendors. Prior to joining SIGIS, Jeff worked in a variety of business and information technology roles for Longs Drugs, Target and Mervyns. Jeff’s most recent position at Longs Drugs included responsibility for their IIAS implementation. Longs Drugs was a founding member of SIGIS and Jeff also served on the SIGIS Board of Directors since incorporation of the company. Jeff has in depth knowledge of pharmacy operations, merchant business processes, point of sale systems and card transactions systems.


Manager Programs and Certifications

Kristin Rutkowski

Kristin joined SIGIS in May of 2011 as the Manager of Programs & Certifications. Kristin is responsible for managing, developing and maintaining SIGIS program standards. This includes reviewing and approving member certifications, handling member escalations on certification programs and requests, and developing educational materials for our members. Kristin has worked in a variety of management, documentation and audit roles for TriNet and World Savings Bank. Kristin has extensive experience identifying and resolving customer issues from beginning to end. In her most recent experience at TriNet, Kristin focused extensively on resolving system issues before they impacted the end user.