What’s Required for a TPS to be IIAS Certified

To become IIAS certified, a TPS completes a similar IIAS certification process as merchants. This requires completion of a TPS Self-Assessment Certification Form, a technical testing certification by the TPS’s acquirer, use of the SIGIS Eligible Product List, and arrangements to support transaction data retention/retrieval. A TPS's acquirer will review the TPS Self-Assessment Certification Form and submit it to SIGIS for approval. A TPS will not be permitted to claim that it supports IIAS transactions using the SIGIS standard until it has been certified to the IIAS standards developed and approved by SIGIS.

The components of a TPS’s IIAS system will typically include:

  • An Inventory Management system that identifies health care eligible items based on the UPC code and compares them to the item purchased for nationally-branded, private label and special promotionally packaged branded items. SIGIS provides an Eligible Product List, a list of nationally-branded eligible products, to its Members.
  • A Health Benefit Card Identification Capability to identify FSA and HRA cards via Bank Identification Number (BIN) ranges of all FSA and HRA cards. The list of required BINs is provided by the TPS's acquirer. IMPORTANT: SIGIS does not provide the FSA/HRA BIN List. A TPS must make arrangements with their acquiring processor to receive an initial copy as well as monthly updates. Inquiries submitted to SIGIS about getting the FSA/HRA BIN List  will only delay an inquiry to the TPS's acquiring processor.
  • A POS payment card authorization system that generates IIAS transactions containing all of the required FSA amount fields and an IIAS flag indicating an IIAS system was used. This system should also support partial authorizations to improve the handling and acceptance of FSA and HRA card transactions.
  • Settlement System that supports the settlement of approved IIAS transactions containing the required IIAS information to a TPS’s acquirer.
  • A Transaction Retention capability that supports the storage and retrieval of IIAS transactions to respond to IRS audit requests to confirm the eligibility of items purchased on a FSA or HRA card.

To obtain a copy of the SIGIS IIAS Technical Specification, SIGIS Members may log in to the Members Area and download a copy.

A POS vendor/third-party servicer interested in completing SIGIS IIAS certification is urged to communicate with their acquirer and review requirements for supporting an IIAS, including requirements for authorization/settlement transactions and data retention/retrieval.