POS Vendors

Membership in SIGIS offers POS Vendors access to the following programs:

  • IIAS Certification – SIGIS has established the procedures which enable POS vendors to certify that their software meets the requirements to operate an IIAS.
  • Once the POS Vendor is IIAS certified with SIGIS, merchants that use a certified-TPS solution version and acquirer, can certify with SIGIS by completing a simplified, TPS Merchant certification form. Thus, IIAS certification by the POS Vendor provides a service to its client merchants by enabling them to utilize a simplified online certification.
  • SIGIS IIAS Transaction Processing and Data Retention Technical Specification – the SIGIS Specification outlines the requirements needed for merchants, acquirers, processors, card issuers and plan administrators to support an IIAS.
  • SIGIS Eligible Product List – the SIGIS List contains the products to be flagged in a merchant’s inventory as eligible medical items, taking the guess work out of what to flag. See the Eligible Product List Criteria publication for more information.
  • Education – Receive SIGIS communications on important issues that impact regulations, card usage and approvals.
  • Help Desk – Ability to contact the SIGIS Help Desk as an educational resource for merchant issues.