Membership & Services

SIGIS is the Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards, a non-profit, membership corporation that is responsible for the development and management of an industry standard to meet IRS requirements for operating an inventory information approval system (an "IIAS").

Membership in SIGIS is open to all businesses involved in offering, processing or accepting health care payment cards for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs). This means that membership is open to merchants, card issuers, third party plan administrators, merchant acquirers, processors, financial institutions, trade association groups, and payment card associations.

Membership Benefits

SIGIS is a leader in providing industry standards as well as knowledge and expertise in health care payment cards. With growing national attention to health care reform, the political and regulatory landscape is characterized by change. Members of SIGIS benefit from the following:

  • Communication of New Regulatory Requirements. While new regulations can translate into changed requirements, SIGIS is a vital source of information to its Members – communicating what’s new and when changing requirements must be supported.
  • Programs and Support Tools. SIGIS provides a range of Programs to its members to enable its Members to operate in compliance with regulations governing health care payment cards.
  • Certification and Compliance Support. SIGIS has established IIAS certification and 90% registration programs for merchants. Additionally, SIGIS oversees compliance with the SIGIS standards to ensure support for the requirements.

Membership Options

There are four Membership Tier options from which to choose. The membership qualifications, rights and responsibilities, and costs are briefly described below for each Membership Tier. Members are able to select among options that offer low cost participation to those which offer greater involvement in the company’s activities and management.

Membership is for a 12-month period, renewed annually thereafter, as long as the Member continues to use or have an interest in SIGIS programs. Progressively, the rights and responsibilities increase with each Member Tier level starting with Tier IV.

TIER IV:  Tier IV Membership is the basic membership that enables merchants to complete either 90% Rule Registration or IIAS Certification. All Tier IV Members may download the SIGIS Eligible Product List as well as other resource information in the Members Area of the SIGIS website. Tier IV Members do not have rights to participate in Working Groups or nominate persons to the Board of Directors. The annual membership dues are $100 and must be paid by credit card via the SIGIS website at the time that the online Membership Application is submitted.

TIER III:  In addition to Tier IV rights, Tier III Membership grants the ability to name individuals to participate in Working Groups and other committees. The annual membership dues are $750. Membership fees may be paid by credit card at the SIGIS website or will be invoiced for payment by check.

TIER II:  In addition to Tier III and IV rights, Tier II Membership grants the ability to be nominated and elected by Tier II Members to the Board of Directors and to the Management Committee. The annual membership dues are $3,750 plus a one-time initial fee. Membership fees may be paid by credit card at the SIGIS website or will be invoiced for payment by check.

TIER I:  In addition to Tier II, III, IV rights, Tier I Membership grants the ability to be have a seat on the Board of Directors.  The annual membership dues are $7,500 plus a one-time initial fee and capital call. Membership fees may be paid by credit card at the SIGIS website or will be invoiced for payment by check or wire transfer.

More information about each Membership Tier is available in the Description of Membership Tiers and Fees.

Become a Member

Companies interested in becoming a SIGIS Member are encouraged to review the SIGIS governance documents provided in the Membership Documents section. A brief description of each document is provided, as well as a link to download the document.

**State Agencies that have specific contractual requirements may be eligible for our "Licensing Agreement".  If after reviewing our membership agreement, you have contractual issues, please contact the SIGIS Help Desk to request information about our Licensing Agreement.  This option is only available for State Agencies.  **

It is easy to join SIGIS. There is an online Membership Application available. Review the information in the Join section to get the information that you’ll need when completing the online application.