Eligible Products

The SIGIS Eligible Product List is a list of eligible health care/medical products that qualify for purchase with an FSA or HRA payment card. The list has been reviewed and modified by the SIGIS Eligible Product List Committee, a group of benefit plan administrators, merchants, and other SIGIS Members.

Merchants who wish use the SIGIS standard and process information inventory approval standard (IIAS) transactions must use the SIGIS Eligible Product List to identify their inventory so that eligible products can be identified and processed at the point of sale in accordance with the SIGIS specification. See the IIAS Merchant Certification section for more information.

Plan administrators will also find the SIGIS Eligible Product List to be a valuable resource in the development of plan criteria for identifying eligible products. The SIGIS List represents a unique tool that provides an industry-vetted list of eligible products that can be used in the administration of FSA/HRA card programs.

Accessing the Eligible Product List is easy – any SIGIS Member who has obtained Login information for the Members Area can access the Eligible Product List. Simply enter your User Name and Password and click Log In. Then, you will be able to click Eligible Product List box on right hand side of the page.

The Eligible Product List Criteria publication provides a summary of the categories of items that considered eligible, not eligible, and dual-purpose (products which have both a medical and personal hygiene, cosmetic or general health purpose and which are not considered by the IRS to be eligible for inclusion in an IIAS).

The List Criteria publication outlines the rationale for why some products are eligible and others are not, along with examples – a resource that merchants and plan administrators will find to be invaluable. Click here for a copy of the publication.