Who We Are

The Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards (SIGIS) is a non-profit, membership corporation, launched in 2007, that is responsible for the development and management of an industry standard to meet IRS requirements for operating an inventory information approval system (an "IIAS").

The SIGIS IIAS standards enable a broad range of participants in health benefit payment card transactions to implement consistent systems and processes for transaction processing and data retention. These companies include retailers, acquirer processors, payment card networks, issuer processors, and third-party benefit plan administrators.

Based in California, SIGIS provides a range of services to its membership with a focus on standards-based industry solutions to support merchant acceptance of health benefit cards. SIGIS seeks to be a resource to its members on the changing regulatory landscape through communications, educational outreach and Member support programs.

SIGIS Services

SIGIS offers a number of services to its membership.  These include:

IIAS Certification

IIAS Merchant Self-Certification – SIGIS offers a certification service for merchants that are interested in supporting an inventory information approval system.

Third-Party Servicer and Client Merchant Self-Certification – Third-Party Servicers provide point-of-sale processing services to medium and smaller merchants. Once a Third-Party Servicer completes its IIAS Self-Certification, the Servicer’s merchant clients may complete a simplified IIAS certification form.

90% Rule Registration

90% Rule Merchant Self-Registration – For drug stores and pharmacies that meet the IRS criteria as a store that has 90% of gross receipts from prescriptions and other eligible medical expenses, SIGIS offers a merchant registration program.

SIGIS supports Issuer Processors and Third Party Administrator providing 90% Rule registration consolidation.

Eligible Product List

Eligible Product List – SIGIS provides a list of eligible over-the-counter medical items that participating IIAS merchants and benefit plan administrators may access and use.